Our Mission

Provide a medically supervised exercise program in a friendly environment that encourages individual goals for fitness and monitors progress to ensure long-term health benefits.

Who Will Benefit

  • Individuals with preexisting medical conditions (Heart Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, History of Falls, Overweight, Cancer, Osteoporosis, and Fibromyalgia)

  • Former patients after being discharged from physical therapy
  • Individuals who have never formally exercised and are apprehensive to start
  • Those looking for a friendly, convenient and monitored exercise program
  • Those recuperating from appendectomies, child birth, hysterectomies, hernia operations, etc.
  • Individuals who are 50 and older

What Makes Us Different

  • We provide a cost effective alternative to hiring a personal trainer
  • Members are teamed up with one of our Doctor’s of Physical Therapy who will assess and continuously develop their program
  • We take the time to make everyone feel comfortable in our friendly environment
  • We encourage each individual to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing
  • Members can proceed at their own pace
  • We consistently work with members to customize their program
  • We will stay in communication with physicians to help monitor overall health and report any changes that may take place
  • Fall prevention screening and training using the Biodex Balance System
  • Postpartum exercise and muscle conditioning
  • We encourage members to schedule with groups and friends

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Our Physical Therapists and Certified Hand Therapists are ready to help you take a ProActive approach to your rehabilitation and prevention programs. Let’s get started on a therapy plan developed specifically for your goals and well-being.

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